Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

It combines a long put with owning the underlying stock, “marrying” the two. This strategy allows an investor to continue owning a stock for potential appreciation while hedging the position if the stock falls.

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What happens if I sell a call option and it expires?

When a Call Option expires out of the money: A call option is said to be Out of The Money (OTM) if the strike price is higher than the current market price of the underlying instrument. In such a case, the buyer loses the premium paid to buy the contract and the seller earns the profit.

Butterfly Spread Strategy – implies using a combination of the bull spread strategy and bear spread strategy. The classical butterfly spread involves buying one call option at the lowest strike price. At the same time, sell two call options Option Trading Strategies for Beginners at a higher strike price. And then sell one last call option at an even higher strike price. Covered Call Strategy or buy-write Strategy – implies buying stocks outright. At the same time, you want to sell call options on the same stock.

Which are the Best Options Trading Strategies for Beginners ?

If you’re brand new to the world of options, here are two strategies that you can start with. Chris started the projectfinance YouTube channel in 2016, which has accumulated over 25 million views from investors globally. Chris Butler received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from DePaul University and has nine years of experience in the financial markets. Watch me set up a real iron condor position in the Russell 2000 ETF .

Which is better call or put option?

If you are playing for a rise in volatility, then buying a put option is the better choice. However, if you are betting on volatility coming down then selling the call option is a better choice.

Therefore, if the market rallies, going “long” on a call option indicates that if the underlying Stock/Index rallies, then the investor benefits. It functions as a win-win situation for the investor, like impact investing. Covered calls serve the category of investors who are expecting only a slight increase or not much change from the underlying price position.

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In the P&L graph above, you can observe that this is a bearish strategy. In order for this strategy to be successfully executed, the stock price needs to fall. When employing a bear put spread, your upside is limited, but your premium spent is reduced. If outright puts are expensive, one way to offset the high premium is by selling lower strike puts against them. This type ofvertical spreadstrategy is often used when an investor is bullish on the underlying asset and expects a moderate rise in the price of the asset.

The investor doesn’t care which direction the stock moves, only that it is a greater move than the total premium the investor paid for the structure. Options trading might sound complex, but there are a bunch of basic strategies that most investors can use to enhance returns, bet on the market’s movement, or hedge existing positions. A collar, commonly known as a hedge wrapper, is an options strategy implemented to protect against large losses, but it also limits large gains. The maximum upside of the married put is theoretically uncapped, as long as the stock continues rising, minus the cost of the put.

Decide The Type Of Option

Or, maybe sell a far out-of-the-money covered call on one of your current holdings. If the married put allowed the investor to continue owning a stock that rose, the maximum gain is potentially infinite, minus the premium of the long put. The put pays off if the stock falls, generally matching any declines and offsetting the loss on the stock minus the premium, capping downside at $500. The investor hedges losses and can continue holding the stock for potential appreciation after expiration. An investor may choose to use this strategy as a way of protecting their downside risk when holding a stock. This strategy functions similarly to an insurance policy; it establishes a price floor in the event the stock’s price falls sharply. However, this example implies the trader does not expect BP to move above $46 or significantly below $44 over the next month.

Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

So it will help them sell that product at the expiry date regardless of the price movement in the Indian stock market. You can pick the best strategies for option trading in India by considering the Indian Stock Market Situation. If you understand all the option trading strategies in India, you can select the right one.

Covered call

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The number of shares you bought should be identical to the number of call options contracts you sold. Thus, the exercise price is a term used in the derivative market.

Risks when trading options

The downside is a complete loss of the premium paid — $500 in this example. An example of this strategy is if an investor is long on 100 shares of IBM at $100 as of January 1. The investor could construct a protective collar by selling one IBM March 105 call and simultaneously buying one IBM March 95 put. The trade-off is that they may potentially be obligated to sell their shares at $105 if IBM trades at that rate prior to expiry.

Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

In this strategy, traders buy a Call option and close it at a later date or at the option’s expiration. If you are a beginner and trying to trade in options, then you need to pick the best options trading strategies for beginners. Options are one of many investment vehicles you can use to build a successful financial portfolio, but it will require some work on your part. Options trading strategies are often overwhelming and demand a certain level of planning to be profitable. The best advice I have on options trading for beginners is to do the work ahead of time. Learn about the stock market, research brokers in your area, and ask your network for insight. These steps will help you immensely as you begin trading options.